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Don't Miss the Hottest Starbucks China Summer Release!

What's the Buzz About?

Attention all coffee lovers and Starbucks enthusiasts! There's a sizzling new release hitting the Starbucks China menu this summer, and you definitely don't want to miss out. Brace yourself for the ultimate summer refreshment with the 3rd release of the season, the Kambukka Plastic collection.

Starbucks China Summer 3rd Release Kambukka Plastic

What Makes the Kambukka Plastic Collection Special?

The Kambukka Plastic collection is a game-changer when it comes to enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverages on the go. This limited edition release features a range of trendy and vibrant plastic tumblers and bottles that are not only stylish but also designed to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for longer.

Whether you're craving an iced coffee, a refreshing iced tea, or a fruity summer beverage, the Kambukka Plastic collection has got you covered. These innovative drinkware options are equipped with a spill-proof lid and a straw, making it convenient and mess-free to enjoy your drinks while you're out and about, at work, or even during your workout sessions.

Where Can You Get Your Hands on the Kambukka Plastic Collection?

The Kambukka Plastic collection is exclusively available at Starbucks stores in China. To get a closer look at these trendy drinkware options and to make your purchase, head over to the official Starbucks China website at

Remember, this collection is only available for a limited time, so don't wait too long to get your hands on these must-have summer essentials. With their eye-catching designs and practical features, the Kambukka Plastic tumblers and bottles are sure to become your new favorite companions for all your summer adventures.

Join the Summer Fun!

Don't let this summer release pass you by. Join the Starbucks China community and be part of the summer fun with the Kambukka Plastic collection. Share your stylish drinkware photos on social media using the hashtag #StarbucksChinaSummer and let the world know how you're enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverages in style.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Starbucks China website now and grab your very own Kambukka Plastic tumbler or bottle. Stay cool, stay refreshed, and make this summer your most stylish one yet!

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